To many people, the Siamese represents the ultimate in feline beauty. Of all the breeds, it is the most instantly recognizable, with its coloured mask, ears, feet and tail - the points -combined with a paler body and brilliant blue eyes, and its long, elegant yet muscular body.  Siamese cats can claim many endearing characteristics and can be trained to walk on a harness and lead. They are an highly intelligent cat and are the ideal pet for those who are prepared to give and receive a lifetime of devotion. A Siamese is extremely affectionate and will always reply or come running if their particular human calls them. It is quite possible to carry on a conversation with their pets.  It has been said that Siamese are dog-like in character. No cat is really like a dog, but Siamese will certainly follow the human of their choice, going with them in the house and garden, showing delight when they return from on outing and ready to jump on their lap the moment they sit down - and on the bed at night. Cats of other breeds often make extremely affectionate pets too: but if you win the heart of a Siamese cat, you have a loyal friend for life.   Siamese cats are considered one of the oldest breeds of all our cats and the most popular of all pedigree cat breeds.They are intelligent with an inquisitive personality and a loving nature.  Siamese cats have sleek lines, striking colour contrast, finely chiselled aristocratic heads, deep blue almond eyes, and short silky coats.

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