The Abyssinian is an active, intelligent cat that loves people. Although they are quite beautiful, they are not content to lie around and just be admired. Abys are not always thought of as lap cats, but love to be where you are. They interact with their owners and often enjoy the company of another cat. Abyssinians are often thought of as cats that like to be in high places, such as the top of a refrigerator or a bookshelf. They seem to be more inclined to use their paws like a human would use their hands. Abys are not known for being particularly loud cats and can communicate their feelings and desires in many ways.  It is often said that Abys have a great love of water. They seem to enjoy playing in a dripping faucet, as well as drinking from them. Loyal is often used to describe the Abyssinian and they make wonderful companions.  Abyssinians are most suitable for someone looking for an active and loving cat. They will continue to entertain with their antics for years. Abyssinians seem to live harmoniously with children and other pets
     Abyssinians are healthy, active cats. They usually live well into their teens and some into their twenties. The Aby is a cat that usually maintains a good activity level even out of kittenhood. As with any cat, they should be kept indoors and free from disease. Regular veterinary checks are important for any cat throughout their lives.

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