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Group 2

Currently Showing Arinacourt Gabriella

1996     2nd Male Kitten Seal Point Siamese  Arinacourt Lord Penz
1997     2nd Neuter Cat Seal Point Siamese  Slv.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Lord Penz
1997     4th Neuter Cat Chocolate Point  Brz.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Irish Cream
1997     3rd Female Kitten Seal Point  Arinacourt Angel Face
1998     5th Female Kitten Oriental Tawriki Black Attraction
1998     3rd Neuter Cat Seal Point  CCCA.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Lord Penz
1998     5th Neuter Cat Chocolate Point  Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Irish Cream
1999     5th Female Kitten Seal Point Penzance Jessica Louise
1999     5th Female Cat Chocolate Point Berwendale Evangaleen
2000     3rd Spay Cat Chocolate Point CCCA.Ch.&Sl.Db.Gd.Ch.Berwendale Evangaleen
2000     3rd Male Kitten Seal Point Arinacourt Kosta Lotta
2000     1st Female Kitten Chocolate Point Arinacourt Beatrice
2001     1st Female Cat Chocolate Point CCCA.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Beatrice
2001     4th Neuter Cat Seal Point CCCA.Ch.&Sl.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Kosta Lotta
2002     1st Neuter Cat Seal Point CCCA.Gd.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Kosta Lotta
2002     2nd Male Kitten Seal Point Arinacourt Diamond Jim
2002     4th Male Kitten Red Point Marbon Candy Man
2002     2nd Female Kitten Seal Tabby Point Mayteako Loweanna
2002     5th Male Cat Red Point Db.Gd.Ch.Marbon Candy Man
2003     1st Male Cat Seal Point CCCA.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Diamond Jim
2003     5th Female Cat Seal Tabby Point Sl.Db.Gd.Ch.Mayteako Loweanna
2003     1st Male Kitten Seal Tabby Point Arinacourt Hi On Madison

Group 3

1995     1st Male Cati Tawny Abyssinian  CCCA.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Fretomau Aussie Bandit
1996     1st Female Kitten Tawny Abyssinian Arinacourt My Ladys Babe
1996     1st Male Kitten Tawny Abyssinian Arinacourt Cougar
1996     5th Male Cat Tawny Abyssinian CCCA.Gd.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Fretomau Aussie Bandit
1996     4th Female Cat Tawny Abyssinian Arinacourt Bandits Lady
1997     5th Female Cat Tawny Abyssinian Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt My Ladys Babe
1998     5th Female Kitten Tawny Abyssinian Nile Aussie Rhea
1998     4th Female Kitten Tawny Abyssinian Arinacourt Babes Princess
1998     4th Female Cat Tawny Abyssinian Bz.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt My Ladys Babe
1999     3rd Female Cat Tawny Abyssinian Bz.Db.Gd.Ch.Nile Aussie Rhea
1999     2nd Male Kitten Tawny Abyssinian Arinacourt Wildone Joshua
2000     1st Neuter Kitten Tawny Abyssinian Arinacourt Rogan Josh
2000     2nd Female Kitten Tawny Abyssinian Arinacourt Zazabelle
2000     4th Male Cat Tawny Abyssinian Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Wildone Joshua
2002     2nd Female Cat Tawny Abyssinian CCCA.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.ChBinyana Jewel of the Nile
2002     1st Spay Cat Tawny Abyssinian CCCA.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Saffron Suzi
2003     1st Spay Cat
Highest Scoring Exhibit
Tawny Abyssinian
Highest Scoring Exhibit
CCCA.Ch.&Gld.Db.Gd.Ch.Arinacourt Saffron Suzi
Highest Scoring Exhibit
2003     4th Male Kitten Tawny Abyssinian Arinacourt Cougar 2